Moto Guzzi at Eicma 2015

Discover the news of Moto Guzzi at Eicma 2015 exhibition in Milan.


Moto Guzzi's motorcycle range expands with the arrival of the V9, a totally new mid-size custom bike, which comes in two versions with distinct styles and character.
The V9 Roamer and the V9 Bobber are Moto Guzzi's easy cruisers, light, agile and built for excitement, like all Moto Guzzis, at Mandello del Lario.
The V9 Roamer, an evolution of the Nevada, is an elegant and universal custom; the V9 Bobber is the daring and essential soul of the V9. Both stand our for the exceptional quality of their components and high grade finishes.
The V9 sees the debut of the new 850 cc twin cylinder euro 4 engine, whose unprecedented torque, smoothness and responsiveness improve the ride of the two Italian cruisers, both extraordinary in the typical Moto Guzzi tradition.


V9: feel the quality
With such explicit references to style and technology recurrent throughout the history of Moto Guzzi, the new V9 could only be beautiful, fun and safe. In particular, Moto Guzzi sought to create a design that would complement the sculpturesque shape of its new 850 twin-cylinder. The designers also paid attention to perceived quality: Exceptional care has gone into the finish and components on the V9 Roamer and V9 Bobber. They represent a new way of conceiving the medium-sized motorcycle. The use of top quality materials such as steel and aluminium is obvious to the touch, while plastic parts are reduced to a minimum. The metal teardrop fuel tank on both V9s, with its 15-litre capacity, is finished with a fine coating with the Moto Guzzi logo on top, protected by clear varnish. The front and rear fenders are made of metal like all Mandello del Lario's custom motorcycles since the 1970s. However, the side panels, petrol cap and brake and clutch levers are in lightweight aluminium. The electric blocks are also made of aluminium, as are the rider's forged footrests.
The welds of the new frame are immaculately finished as is the quality of the paintwork. The same goes for the meticulous details of the new 90° transverse V-twin engine, not only in the casting but also the matt black that brings out the Moto Guzzi branding milled on the aluminium cylinder head covers. It pays to look at the intimate details of these two motorcycles, which convey the entire build tradition and culture so typical of the best Moto Guzzi models. 


The Moto Guzzi MGX-21 continues its evolvution after the presentation of a prototype last year that garnered approval and interest from public and critics.
The most technologically advanced of the Moto Guzzi cruisers boasts outstanding fittings that make it a real bagger, while its style and technical solutions stay faithful to an original project with the capacity to surprise everyone.


The MGX-21 is the most unconventional, rich and technological of the 1400 cc grand cruisers built at Mandello del Lario. It is the latest distinguished representative of a line begun in 1921 when Moto Guzzi started to make unique hand built motorcycles as one-off collector's items. Moto Guzzi is one of the greatest brands in the motorcycling world and in almost a century of history has produced bikes that are often ahead of their time, whose innovations are subsequently adopted by everyone. From the racing track to the streets of the world, the company has not compromised its Italian soul. Bolstered by universally recognised values, Moto Guzzi now expresses the influences and stimuli of motorcycle culture in an increasingly personal and unique style. The MGX-21 is the latest example of Moto Guzzi's tradition of originality and courage. This model is dedicated to lovers of exclusive motorcycles, to people who like to feel excited even before they embark on a journey, simply by appreciating the majesty of this prestigious Italian bike resting on its side stand. The MGX-21 seems to invite you to fasten your helmet and set off, heading wherever the map takes you. The excitement felt even before you climb on board swells when the 90° V-twin engine roars into life. From the banks of the Lario to the corners of the world, your journey is marked by the rhythm of the strokes of the huge pistons of the Moto Guzzi big block.


More than fifty years after its birth, one of the best known and most successful names ever hung on a motorcycle produced by Moto Guzzi is back, synonym of construction quality, versatility and inimitable style.
The new Stornello stands out with its numerous prestigious Italian made parts and the dedicated selection of colour schemes which enhance its charm and elegance. Available in a limited and numbered edition, the Moto Guzzi V7 II Stornello is the latest representative of Moto Guzzi's exclusive ability to create truly factory specials, with a singular attention to quality and painstaking attention to detail. Like a collector's item.

A true factory special
One of the winning characteristics of the V7 has always been the perfect balance between maintaining the typically Moto Guzzi stylistic values with the needs of a modern bike. A dialogue that remains intact on the V7 II Stornello as well. Just like the white/red Stornello 125 Scrambler version in 1972, the colour combination on the V7 II Stornello also plays a key role. Then, like today, the contrast created between the pastel white of the tank and the racing red of the frame, both in glossy finish, manages to strongly characterise the design, as well as enhancing the mechanics of the transversal 90° V twin engine strictly in matte black. The intense red of the frame is clearly revisited both on the tank, trimmed with a typical horizontal stripe in the same colour, with the Eagle from Mandello depicted in it, as well as on the new metallic tubular license plate bracket that uses the already refined V7 II light cluster. The laser inscribed number on the aluminium tag located on the upper part of the headstock identifies the unit number, highlighting its exclusivity.

The details of a collector's item
The standard equipment on the new Stornello is the result of a careful selection of parts in the complete catalogue (the most complete of any motorcycle in this segment) of original Moto Guzzi accessories dedicated to the V7; more than 110 valuable pieces, all specifically approved for the V7, designed and developed by Moto Guzzi and capable of transforming it into a unique special. The scrambler tradition is observed perfectly: Moto Guzzi V7 II Stornello stands out from the rest with its complete approved two-in-one Arrow exhaust unit that runs closely along the right hand side, fitted with ample heat shields, as well as with its beautiful long saddle with upholstery that is electrowelded and stitched to increase comfort for the rider and passenger with its special foam and low height off the ground. The spoked wheels on the V7 II Special mount must-have knobby tyres, also fully approved, ideal for riding on any type of road surface, whereas a typical pair of rubber guards can be found on the fuel tank. Many of the parts are made in valuable and lightweight aluminium, such as the injector covers and the side panels, both anodised in black; the steel handlebars are also done in the same "dark matt” finish. The offroad look is completed by the fork dust boots, indispensable for protecting the stanchions from dust along adventurous routes and by the offroad footpegs kit, fitted with aluminium extensions that provide better grip for the rider's soles during use on the road. The kit includes the rear brake terminal, also longer and made in aluminium. The number holders represent a widespread classic element on competition bikes from the '70s era and already an element on the V7 II Racer with the number "7”, which for Moto Guzzi was dear to the 250 world champion Enrico Lorenzetti. There are three on the V7 II Stornello, made in satin finish aluminium and enhanced by a laser inscribed V7 II Stornello logo. The set of three number holders perfectly matches the fantastic pair of mudguards, also in hand brushed aluminium. These are probably one of the most prestigious and exclusive parts on the V7 II Stornello, true works of hand scribed art. The rich catalogue of original accessories also includes a set of stickers with the number "29”, designed specifically for the number holders and dedicated to the famous and unforgotten Moto Guzzi rider, "The Black Devil”, Omobono Tenni.


Moto Guzzi Audace states its rebel spirit immediately simply with its name. It is a musclebike designed to enhance the spectacular performance of the 1400 cc "made in Mandello" big block, the largest V twin ever manufactured in Europe.

Ostentatious, muscular and fierce, the Moto Guzzi Audace can be picked out immediately by its front end, made stylistically lighter by the circular headlight unit and the carbon mudguard mounted on a fork without any telescope covering.
Audace has no chromium plating: every mechanical detail, each small exposed metallic part is dark as night, an ideal condition for fully enjoying a bike in solitude with the striking beauty of this new Moto Guzzi 1400cc.  


Forty-eight years of history This is the calling card of the by now legendary Moto Guzzi 90° V Twin designed by engineer Giulio Cesare Carcano. From its first appearance on the V7, this legendary powerplant has been modified into countless versions and on a vast range of motorcycles.
It was in the third evolution of the 90° V Twin that Moto Guzzi breathed life into the Eldorado. The year was 1972. Less than two years earlier, on the wave of a surprising supply of 750cc V7 bikes to the LAPD (the Los Angeles Police Department), the first Guzzi California was born and, on the same base, the luxurious Ambassador. In the constant displacement increase, Carcano's twin cylinder had already been taken from 700 to 757 cc and, with a third increase in size, the 850 cc version was born. With this engine the Eldorado was made as a replacement for the Ambassador with an even more complete, refined and luxurious model, but also one that would be able to provide a powerful and satisfying ride.
The goal was clearly achieved: "if Roman gods had ridden motorcycles, the Moto Guzzi Eldorado would have been chosen by Bacchus.” In the late '60s this was how the American Cycle World magazine concluded their test of the luxurious Italian bike, the latest evolution of the 90° V-twin with cardan final drive just introduced in the States. The metaphor effectively highlighted the intoxication experienced on a modern, powerful, luxurious and fast bike, painstakingly studied down to the smallest details and extremely satisfying to ride.
More than forty years later this extraordinary experience is repeated in the shape and substance of the Eldorado 1400. By looking at the Eldorado 1400 one can see clearly how this Moto Guzzi has preserved the personality of its ancestor, drawing it from the past to the future along the path of technological evolution and stylistic continuity. 


The first official Moto Guzzi garage is now at, where every enthusiast can configure and personalise their V7, discover custom jobs done by professionals and share images of their own special

 Moto Guzzi has never followed fashion, but on the contrary has always skilfully set new trends. In its glorious, almost centennial heritage, it has often paved the way to follow both on a technical and stylistic level. In recent history the new California 1400 represents the cruiser par excellence of the new millennium, a point of reference with its riding features, a generation ahead of its time in technical content and performance, but also with an extremely personal, classic and deeply Moto Guzzi style. On the other hand the V7 Racer also left a mark, being the first factory series special, full of precious standard parts that are generally only available as accessories. Such a far-sighted spirit can also be attributed to the work done by the PADC (Piaggio Advanced Design Center) in Pasadena (California - USA), a privileged observation point which is located (not by chance) precisely where new motorcycle trends are born that are then shared with the entire world. The centre director is Miguel Galluzzi: "The desire to modify your bike and make it unique has always existed. What has changed in recent years is the selected model to follow. If in the past, for example, owners preferred undressing a sport bike and mounting a high handlebar, now bikers have embraced the value of simplicity. Enthusiasts turn to bikes rich in character, not demanding and easy to modify. Perhaps not ultra-powerful, but in any case still exciting and satisfying to ride. Bikes that are unique like the individual enthusiasts who own them. There is no longer a desire to conform, but to the contrary, to stand out. My bike is unique, like me, it reflects who I am and what I think. As has often happened in the past, Moto Guzzi was able to go back through the times, opening up this new road, introducing the V7 Racer, made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. It is the first true factory series special. However, now Moto Guzzi gives you the opportunity to modify your bike with your own hands, creating your own favourite V7, thanks to a complete range of accessories. You can transform your V7 following one of four reference worlds that Guzzi recommends or you can simply follow your own personal taste to create a tailor-made bike”.

As for motorcycle customisation, Moto Guzzi stands out by introducing a rich range of original high quality accessories capable of creating a truly unique level of personalisation based on clearly different motorcycle styles and riding experiences. All of the parts have been conceived, designed and made by Moto Guzzi and they are subjected to strict control test cycles just like any other original part on the bike in order to guarantee a quality and long-lasting product. Since they have been conceived and fine tuned by Moto Guzzi they are perfectly interchangeable with the factory parts, allowing you to easily revert your bike to its original configuration. They are also fully approved and therefore absolutely "street legal”.

In order to facilitate the Guzzisti's choices, different "reference styles" have been identified: very different customisation formulas following your own personal taste and still leaving you with the widest possibilities of creating your own tailor-made V7, selecting your favourite parts from those in the entire range and mixing and matching. In fact, all of the elements that make up the various configurations are available for purchase individually in order to further exploit the Guzzisti's imagination and creativity. Another particularly important aspect is that the elements can be used both on the new V7 II and on the first generation Moto Guzzi V7 which is already on the road all over the world. The new accessories will allow those who have already owned a Moto Guzzi for a few years to change the look of their bikes, renewing it and thereby entering the world of special bikes easily and simply.

For 2016 the availability of accessories for V7 expands even more, providing enthusiasts with new reference styles and still leaving the expert Guzzista with the possibility of mixing and matching.

And so new inspirations arrive directly from the sport and off-road world, in addition to a project designed for the female rider.

Project GUZZI CLUBBER: for the sport world new parts are dedicated in full-on cafè racer style, such as the top fairing in satin finish aluminium with smoked Plexiglas which blends perfectly with the front lines of the motorcycle, the chromium semi-handlebars with a sport bend and handlebar mirrors made from billet aluminium, also with a brushed finish. A range of components follows this style as well (fuel tank, front mudguard, injector covers, side fairings and tail fairing) made in satin finish aluminium. A new tail fairing becomes an element of unmistakeable style and combines with the premium single-seat saddle and a new rear mudguard. Last but not least, the exhaust can be enhanced by special bends for the manifolds, whereas the set-back footpegs for the rider contribute to a sportier riding position.

Project GUZZI ALCE: the off-road world and Moto Guzzi's off-road heritage have new increased stroke shock absorbers dedicated to them, as well as dust boots for the fork stanchions and a black handlebar with reinforcing crosspiece. The single seat rider saddle also matches the ingenious and attractive portion of the passenger saddle which can be removed to create more room for baggage. The off-road details continue with tubular engine and leg guards, as well as a front headlight guard. Other must-have features are the exhaust unit that runs closely along the right hand side of the vehicle and the black toolbag that can be positioned on the luggage rack or on the fuel tank.

Project LADY GUZZI: for the female rider Moto Guzzi dedicates a specifically designed range of accessories. Parts like the fuel tank, front mudguard and the headlamp body are painted in a particular and elegant shade. The lowered one-and-a-half seat saddle is quite handy, upholstered in two-tone leather and stitched in a rhombus pattern. The same material and treatment are also used for the side pannier. The range is completed by a chromium handlebar that is straighter and wider than the standard one, round, short shank mirrors made from billet aluminium, the special pair of horn covers in billet aluminium and the bends for the exhaust manifolds.

Naturally the first four styles recommended by Moto Guzzi that take their roots in the deep motorcycling heritage of the Mandello Manufacturer are still available.

DARK RIDER STYLE: this is the first Moto Guzzi recommended reference style made up of accessories created to give your bike a Gothic look inspired by the night life scene and the city. The inspiration is nevertheless also based on Guzzi and its heritage: simply think of the nickname associated with Omobono Tenni, legendary rider for the Mandello manufacturer in the '30s, known as "the black devil". The accessories dedicated to this style include a black aluminium top fairing, aluminium side panels, aluminium mudguards, a black tank with the traditional red Moto Guzzi eagle, and wire wheels, letting you give your bike a blacked-out, but sophisticated and contemporary, look.

SCRAMBLER STYLE: there are many available accessories to completely change the image and profile of your V7, transforming it into a bike that is perfectly suited for use on the road, but with an off-road look and a strong personality. Now there are exclusive high quality aluminium satin finish parts. The high two-in-one exhaust, the off-road knobby tyres, the handlebar cross brace and the off-road footpegs constitute the first step closer to the scrambler world. The long satin finish mudguards, the satin finish number plates the satin finish guards and the long vintage '70s saddle are the elements that complete the transformation. An extra touch of personality is also provided by the tool bag and the handmade leather side panniers.

LEGEND STYLE: another immersion into Guzzi history interpreted in a modern key. In the '40s the Moto Guzzi Alce, a bike used by the Italian Army, was characterised by its reliability, sturdiness and great flexibility. The configuration that can be achieved with the parts from the Legend world allow you to reinterpret that extremely fascinating concept. The high "two-in-one” silencer, knobby tyres and olive green fuel tank, side panels and mudguards give the bike a strong connotation and a unique look. The high handlebar cross brace, the black luggage rack, the long saddle (comfortable for 2 people) and the natural leather side bag complete and enhance this configuration which stems more than any other from the Moto Guzzi heritage.

DAPPER STYLE: this includes a range of accessories developed and made to recreate the Café Racer world that attracted so much attention on the global motorcycling scene. In fact, the leitmotiv of the project is to enhance the '70s era through the creation of polished aluminium accessories (mudguards, injector covers, guards, number plates) and accessories such as the low semi-handlebar and the single-seat saddle that convey an attractive riding set-up derived directly from the racing world. Last but not least, the vintage design handlebar mirrors reinterpreted in a modern key are another prestigious and exclusive addition.