Ewan McGregor announced as the face of Moto Guzzi California campaign, talks about his love for motorcycling and the new California.

On Motorcycling:

 “I could never believe that this (twisting the throttle open) could make you go faster and I still think that's amazing. I love the motorcycle as an object, I love it as a piece of art, as a beautiful thing that fills you with excitement and thrills and going from one place to another becomes an adventure, as opposed to a mundane, boring thing.”


On his first Moto Guzzi;

 “I ended up selling that bike, it's the only Moto Guzzi I've ever bought that I sold, and I've bought many Moto Guzzi and I have them all!”


On the new Moto Guzzi California;

 “I've been waiting a long time to ride it and it didn't disappoint at all its so beautiful to ride. It's like its moved forward, its smooth its fast but it's still a Guzzi, it feels exactly like it should and it makes me smile, like a big big smile on my face”


For the interview video visit:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt4IjwpuYoY




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